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Independent production company of London-based feature, short and documentary film director and producer, George Moore.


At Midnight

At midnight (2016 - In Post PRODUCTION)

A supernatural-drama film starring Adam Templar, Ele Overvoorde, Tony Scannell and Agnes Lillis.

Directed and Produced by - George Moore

Written by - Lucy Flannery & George Moore

A modernised, gritty reworking of 1912 Swedish novel ‘Korkarlen’ by Selma Lagerlof and it’s 1921 silent film counterpart, ‘At Midnight’ follows the story of down-and-out David Holm on one chilling New Year’s Eve.

He recalls a myth that says the last person to die at the stroke of Midnight on New Year’s Eve has to take on the burden of the grim reaper for the whole next year, each day feeling like 100 years. As this myth becomes David’s reality, he has to face up to his mean-spirited past, and attempt to reconcile his mistakes before it’s too late.

Stills from the film (click to enlarge)