God Save The King is an epic drama set in a medieval world embroiled in violent religious crusades.

Two princes with opposing world-views on religion and power clash when their father, the king, dies. Marcus, the pious and headstrong crusader, reconvenes with his bookish, unbelieving brother Edmund, who has never left their childhood home.

This 2016 film was inspired by the great self-fulfilling Shakespearean tragedies and history plays, drawing particular reference to Macbeth, Hamlet and Richard III.

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Directed by George Moore

Screenplay by   George Moore & Alice Instone-Brewer

Director of Photography   Ernest Tu

Production Design   Sophie Earthroll

Editor Ernest Tu

Produced by  Ara Cho & George Moore


Steven Bartle as Marcus

Joshua Gould as Edmund

Basil Marples as Luther

This film shows us just how far one would go to achieve power and who will get stepped on or harmed along the way. It also touches upon the idea that we are not all as innocent as we would like to believe, and that deep down we all have the potential to crave power. It’s how one achieves it that makes the difference.
— Monologue Blogger Review

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