Funny… really funny… An authentic people-driven comedy that achieves something reminiscent of the character dynamics found in Wes Anderson movies; as meaningful as it is silly. Far more than just a riff on a pop culture urban legend.
— Short Of The Week
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Reminiscent in style and substance of HBO’s Flight of the Conchords with its independent feel, witty script and impressive psychedelic shots. You’ll wish it was longer.
— Urbanista Magazine

Paul is Dead is a comedy-drama short film inspired by the archetypical bizarre rock & roll conspiracy theory. 

The Lake District, 1967. Hungover and at each other's throats, John, George and Ringo must convince Billy Shears, a sheepish rural lookalike, to join their band after Paul dies during an experimental-drug filled musical retreat.  

Braving a perilous mountain hike to bury Paul at the summit, they each must face up to their own inner conflicts and calamitous personal shortcomings if they are going to make it through the journey and stop the band from falling apart. 

2018's Paul Is Dead draws influence from infamous cult comedies such as Withnail & I and Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, as well as the cinematic style seen in Beatles promo videos in the late 1960s.



Directed by George Moore

Screenplay by   George Moore, Ben Bovington-Key & Stuart Armstrong

Director of Photography   Harry Green

Production Design   Stuart Armstrong

Editor George Moore

1st AD Ben Bovington-Key

Produced by   Laura M Laderas


Reid Anderson as John

Anton Tweedale as Billy

Basil Marples as George

Ashley Pekri as Ringo

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