The Hunter is a silent folk horror, psycho-drama short film about manhood and rites of passage.

In the late 18th century a father drags his son out on a stag hunt, deep within an ancient and unforgiving woodland. As a dark force in the woods draws a rift between them, their inner desires lead them both towards a wicked fate.

2017's The Hunter was an effort to pay homage to the underrepresented genre of 'folk-horror', as well as a deep interest in ideas of mythic symbolism and ritual.



Directed by George Moore

Written by   George Moore & Stuart Armstrong

Director of Photography   Harry Green

Production Design   Stuart Armstrong

Editor   Georgios Hartofilakidis

Produced by   George Moore, Ben Bovington-Key


Vincent Leleu as Father

Sam Ings as Son

Sabrina Poole as Her

Patricia Derrick as Her

Folk horror as a genre reconnects us to a sense of universality and archetype, a sense of something eternal in the landscape and in our psyche that we don’t see day-to-day.
— Interview for Vice Magazine

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